Quality of AED Sale Equipments In Medicine

  ZOLL AED PRO 90110820499992010NApart from using the good quality AED Sale equipment, it is very important to take care of it to ensure its reliability during need. Regular maintenance of the AED is very essential for the proper functioning of the equipment. The AED equipment must be timely tested in accordance with guidelines formulated by the manufacturer and the American Red Cross and American Heart Association. The maintenance and testing should be in compliance with rules and regulations set by US Food and Drug Administration. A check list should be maintained and a strategic maintenance program should be implemented in every organization where the AED is installed. This will help to keep the AED in ready-to-use condition and save many precious lives in case of emergency.

Methods for AED Maintenance

There are many ways to maintain the AED Sale equipment in proper working condition. AED checklists play a key role in AED maintenance. The inspection data should be kept for future records. Some of them are listed below:

Daily Maintenance AED Checklist: The AED should be cleaned daily to keep it free from dust, dirt and contamination. The AED equipment should be placed in place where is easily visible and accessible. The daily checklist includes parameters like verifying the status indicator, battery installation, visual audible service alarm, and exterior components and sockets for cracks. The daily inspection must be done by trained person who can thoroughly check the readiness of the equipment.

Monthly Maintenance AED Checklist: A monthly inspection should be carried out by the AED Coordinator to check the functionality of the equipment. The auxiliary supplies like AED Sale pads, pocket mask, examination gloves, razors, absorbent gauze, PC cards, and batteries must be checked every 30 days. The expiration date on the package should be verified to ensure there is no obsolete equipment or supplies in the stock. One of the most important factors in monthly AED checklist is to carry out a battery insertion test (BIT) insertion test before repackaging the AED equipment after use.

To get free of the AED maintenance hassles, you can go in for computerize maintenance. There are automatic devices available that can perform self tests without human intervention on regular periodic intervals. Some of the popular brands that manufacture such automated maintenance devices are Burdick, Phillips, Cardiac Science, Heart Sine and Medtronic.

It is very essential that AED Sale equipment should be properly maintained to ensure 100% reliability, efficiency and accuracy of these life saving devices. Any kind of fault like battery failure or error in the working of the AED can lead serious consequences and put a life in endanger. It is always advisable to carefully go through the instruction manual available with AED package and follow the maintenance guidelines given.