Why Philips Heartstart Is the Best Home AED You Can Buy

Why Philips Heartstart Makes the Best AED for Home Use

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AED devices are used to give the heart an electric shock in case of sudden cardiac arrest so that the heart gets back to normal.

Emergency medical assistance like CPR and defibrillation is needed immediately after a cardiac arrest as the heart stops supplying blood to the body and death can occur within minutes if appropriate measures are not taken immediately.

The delay of every minute in administering first aid can reduce the chances of survival by 7% to 10%. In case of an emergency like sudden cardiac arrest, the proper application of an AED device can make all the difference between life and death. Having a good quality AED on the premises whether it is school, college, office, supermarket, airport or any public place is extremely essential.

Philips is one of the top manufacturers of AED devices, including the Philips Heartstart home AED and Phillips Onsite AEDs .

AEDs manufactured by most popular companies are not necessarily the best, but only the Philips Heart Start is FDA approved for home use in the United States. Philips Heartstart is a fully automated AED  that administers the shock on prompt.  For home use Philips AEDs are the best life saving devices in the market.

· Vocal Instructions: AED devices by the Heartstart and Onsite device provide clear vocal instructions so that even a layman can operate the device. Advanced versions of AED units also have text instructions in case the environment is too noisy. The vocal instructions are provided in a clear and confident voice that makes them easy to follow.

· Longer Battery life: These AEDs use lithium ion batteries that are more reliable and have a longer life than AA batteries used in some AED devices. Lithium ion batteries ensure that the shock is delivered with the right intensity and at the required time. Heart Start AEDs come with a warranty and the warranty period starts only when the battery has been placed in the unit.

· Interchangeable pads: The defibrillation pads on the AED devices made by Philips Heartstart can be used interchangeably. These are non-polarized pads and either one can be placed in the upper right chest or lower left chest area. This feature of the pads removes any confusion in case of a cardiac arrest and a person can be given first aid immediately.

· Daily self tests: The devices have a useful function that checks them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The devices are checked for battery status, software, defibrillation pads, and internal electronics to ensure that whenever the device is used it works without any delay and in perfect condition. This function adds reliability to the devices as they are always ready for use.

· Intelligent software: The Phillips Onsite and Heartstart AED devices contain intelligent software that makes using the device easy. The software calculates the patient’s heart rhythm and delivers the shock in accordance to the patient’s requirement to allow for quick and effective defibrillation. The software also keeps account of the medical statistics of the patient so that the medical personnel can refer to it for further treatment.

The AED devices made by Philips Heartstart are easy to use. You can find out more about Heartstart AEDs and sudden cardiac arrest at http://www.AEDRX.com

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