How to Stop Snoring

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The risks of smoking include the development of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Impaired flow of air to the lungs, take a toll on the functioning of heart and vascular system, increasing the stress-level resulting in them over working. What is more worrying is, the ignorance of the person who snores, without realizing that his snore can be a serious condition and also that it’s disturbing his sleep. Disrupted and decreased quality of sleep due to sleep apnea or other reasons can also increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents by up to 8 percent.

Treatments for Snoring: Your family physician may be able to analyze the risk factors if any associated with snoring and recommend treatment if needed from one of the many sleep clinics. Treatment methods include.

Changes in Lifestyle to manage snoring: Your doctor may recommend the following lifestyle changes that can help manage snoring:

Weight Management: excessive weight is one of the main reasons for snoring. Your doctor might be able to suggest an efficient way to manage your weight. So, if you want to learn how to stop snoring, reduce your weight.

Exercise: An active lifestyle not only helps maintain a healthy body weight, it’ll lead to more restful sleep. walking, jogging, running and hiking improve sleep quality. Keep in mind to avoid straining activities few hours before going to bed.

Quit smoking: First hand or second hand smoke is injurious to health and worsens symptoms because of throat irritation and coughing at night, leading to snoring.

Sleep Scheduling: To promote a sound and undisturbed sleep scheduling time for sleeping and waking up is ideal. Not only that, it also avoids exhaustion due to less sleep which promotes snoring.

Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills: Alcohol and few drugs like sleeping pills, pain killers etc can make the throat muscles relax or contract that it usually does, leading to obstructions or narrowing. These make things worse by not allowing your brain to be alert thus the duration is prolonged even more.Overtime this can lead to serious damage to the body.
Sleep on your side: Sleeping with your back worsens snoring as it allows the gravitational force to narrow down your airways further.

In most of the severe cases, sleep disorder clinics are suggested to assess and give their observations and test results, which they do at-home of the patient or at their clinic. Treatments include breathing devices such as CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) equipment. You doctor prescribes a pressure rate which will be maintained by this device, which inhales air and passes it through funnels into a mask at the specified pressure. The mask is worn over the nose and altered pressure opens the air passages decreasing snoring.

Alternative treatment options include a dental device which is worn during the sleeping hours, to expand the airways by holding the haw and tongue in place. Radio wave treatments are used to shrink tissue in the throat or tongue and surgeries that reduce the tissues in the nose, uvula, and palate (roof of mouth) or the bony tissues in the back of the throat to alleviate the risk of blockages.