Distractions In The Car

There are many things a driving instructor will tell a person to do when they are taking the test but then again there do seem to be many things out there that are not taught to students. It is not just the younger ones that are doing things like this, so many people are not doing it how they are supposed too.

One Hand On The Wheel

Men actually do this a lot more than women do because they feel their cars are a part of them, I am not sure I have ever felt like that but there you go. (BMW research apparently) The reason that this is so dangerous is because the other hand is most likely going to be used for picking up a drink, getting a bite to eat or even using services such as Facebook and Twitter! Not only are the last two illegal but along with the others they could put some people in serious danger.

Make up is the big cause of omens distractions, in fact it makes up for a quarter of them which is shocking really! This really can wait until you get to your destination, or do it before you leave for goodness sake, at least pull over.

A shocking figure for the men here, 10% of them are distracted by other drivers. Women are to blame here for being so damn attractive. Disgraceful!

The biggest cause of distractions on the road are highest on both genders and the cause, well kids of course. One of the best things to do is simply pull over and give them that telling off, then you are not at risk. Never turn around to shout or talk if they are messing around as this means your eyes are off the road.

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