A lot of people don’t feel the symptoms of lung cancer, yet when they are detected with the disease. The diagnosis of lung cancer is frequently accidentally, which happens when the chest x-rayed for another purpose. Nevertheless, in general most people have symptoms. Generally, however, even when symptoms occur, they’re misdiagnosed as other respiratory diseases.

The following are things to watch for that could be symptoms of lung cancer:

• Persistent cough
• Coughing blood
• Deadly chest pain
• Breath shortness
• A cough that suddenly develops and gets worse
• Breathless
• Huskiness
• Reappearance of respiratory diseases

It’s not difficult to see why the symptoms are brushed off as another respiratory illness. Though, you must be continual, particularly if you have more than one of these lung cancer symptoms. You may hope to request specific tests such as x-rays that are fairly easy to obtain and non-invasive.

A doctor will be more likely to grant that request then he would if you were asking for a more extensive test. Most of the time a doctor will be willing to consider your concerns and this may just be what you need to get the test that will allow you an early lung cancer diagnosis.

The other things to aware that are associated to causes of lung cancer include the following things are a result of cancer cells in the body. These things occur as a reaction to the presence of cancer and can be an indication of any type of cancer, not just lung cancer.

• Cancer exist in the liver, adrenal glands, brain or bones.
• Extra tissue under the fingernails
• New bone growth in the arms or legs
• Anemia
• The weakness of muscle
• rash
• High calcium levels in the blood
• Low levels of sodium in the blood
• Brain degeneration
• Loss of weight
• Fatigue

It is not easy to diagnose any type of cancer, however with the puzzling lung cancer symptoms, it is even harder to diagnose this type of cancer. It is very important for anyone that is at high risk for developing lung cancer just to be aware of the symptoms of lung cancer.

Doctors can be hesitant to do any testing for cancer because of insurance limitations, so it is up to you to take matters into your hands and demand testing if you really feel it is necessary.

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