There’s More Than One Way To Gain A Little Fitness These Days

For a fact, there’s more than one way to gain a little fitness these days, though just getting someone up off the couch and exercising a little can be a colossal achievement. This is because we as a society have grown fascinated with the videogame, the Internet and computers and high-fat fast foods. But there’s hope, because just a little bit of physical activity can make a world of difference.

Consider that fancy black sport watch hanging from the wrist. It’s nice, in fact, and looks like it could be on the wrist of a Navy SEAL, but do we even use a 10th of its potential? Of course not, most would say, so consider setting up a stopwatch or countdown function (or lap function on some of the fancier ones) and getting in two or three minutes of activity several times a day.

Just those few minutes — which many people have trouble accepting can do much of anything — can make a world of difference when it comes to fitness, because the fact is it doesn’t take all that much activity to get some. If you need motivation, consider that such activity will help you avoid having to go to a gym when it’s really gardening that’s more of a turn on rather than sweaty weightlifters.

Keep the above in mind and understand that maybe those lawn garden tools that once were going to be used to make the greatest garden this side of Great Britain might be out in the garage gathering dust. So, think about cleaning them up and getting to work digging up the backyard. If you don’t want to do yours, ask your neighbor if you can maybe dig up his. It could happen, right?

Now, if the thought of gardening or digging holes in the ground in order to build up a sweat just isn’t making it happen, consider how much fun you used to have standing in front of a mirror and pretending you were a great rock star. You might have an old Epiphone electric guitar your kid never really learn to play, which is good enough to get in front of the mirror and begin wailing away.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that all of that pseudo-rockstar jumping around and strumming of the strings will build up some sweat and burn a few calories while doing so. Remember all those rock concerts where the lead guitarist was covered in sweat by the end and imagine that same thing happening to you. You might not become a Jimi Hendrix or a Pete Townsend of the Who, but you can still sweat, right?

The most important thing to keep in mind about gaining a little fitness in the home is that just about any activity can be used to encourage it. If you don’t want to garden, don’t. If you don’t want to play guitar or act like some sort of air musician, don’t. Just pick something, anything, and try to do a few minutes a day, spread throughout the day, and watch the fitness grow.